East Lansing favorites Kim Vi & The Siblings just released a new single called "Josephine," and it continues the 70s trend of songs named after girls with its warm grooves and playful lyrics. Think "Brandy" by the Looking Glass, but the port town in 1972 is Wells Hall in 2015.


Kim vocalizes daydreams of his college crush while the tight rhythm section pops along with a wah guitar's waka-waka-wakas. The vintage whir of an electric organ ties the whole thing together. The final quarter of "Josephine" is a minute-long jam, cutting the well-written structure loose in favor of a sprawling, jazzy breakdown.

There isn't anywhere more chill than East Lansing in the summer, and "Josephine" is mandatory for stoop hangs, bonfire sing-alongs, and sunny walks down Grand River.

4 out of 5 feels