Rather than trying to explain to you what Alexander told me about this song, I’m going to just quote him.

“Seventeenth Try is a song about feeling dispelled but actually taken over by someone that has a mental and psychological control over you.

After receiving enough red flags and warning signs over and over, you are still lured back in by outside physical appearances instead of paying attention to how your heart is reacting to the lesson being given. When you try to help someone that has a closed heart and you realize you can’t save anyone until you reach back and save yourself first, it can completely throw you into the shadows of despair. But learning that this person has come into your life to help you see what is missing in yourself is the greatest gift and message. And by comprehending what you’ve just gone through, you can send love and invite that person to open up and release their own self from their own pain.

I have since forgiven myself for not seeing that upon first meeting this person, I was given the perfect vision of what I wanted, but it wasn’t really true to begin with and I fell for it. It’s a process that can take many lessons to comprehend and in this life lesson, the number seventeen symbolically reflects that.”

And a huge thank you to The Warehouse for hosting FeelDay.

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